As we welcome in the new year, many of us come up with resolutions and all the hype lines “new year- new me”. They could be laughable to some but whatever works for you, use that.

Personally I choose vision boards amongst a few favorites.

I do not write lists anymore because for the past I couple of years I have created a vision board. It would also help if you wrote down what you envision. There is power in writing. In the book of Habakkuk there is a similar verse: It might tarry but it will surely come.


I am visual and the daily pictures or affirmations are confronting and remind me of my aspirations.

The idea is to fill a board with pictures or words or items that give you a good feeling for those things you would love to achieve but most importantly they are not only material but also could involve the state of the mind. Or simply pictures that give you a good feeling or warmth in your heart. Anything that evokes that hidden passion, dreams, confidence, … really anything


I like to leave open spaces on my vision boards to create room for any upcoming ideas and to be able to receive more than you anticipated.

Whenever I take an assessment I am always amazed at what I have achieved or that goal that I forgot about and now I attained or changed for something else.

It is your vision board so there is freedom to re-organise as you see fit.

Set your board on a place you frequent or pass by daily so that you are reminded of your hearts desires.

God speeed!

Love Fiona FBN