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2019 The year for creativity to thrive

A new year.

New start that I want it to be different from the previous years. I plan for it to be excellent that I will go further to learn about things that pique my interest.

A year that I would not procrastinate with uploads. A year I make a promise to myself to be consistent with making my blog active and to grow.

For this year, I have so many dreams on my vision board than I ever dreamed of; more than I could think of. However, I believe with every ounce of me that I will live these dreams. Visualisation will be a constant reminder of a better future for myself and family.

I will look back with contentment and gratitude.

I will be at peace knowing I lived my dreams.

At the end of the day may all our ideas thrive.

May we use all our creative juices and passion to achieve our hearts desires:

Dare to dream.

Let go of whatever is holding you back. Success beckons.

Happy New year.

Love Fiona Blessed: FBN


Winter: Nightwear for a good night’s sleep

What do you wear to sleep on a cold winter night?

Does the fabric of the nightwear change from silky pyjamas to flannel or does cotton rule supreme all year round?

Or do you increase the bedroom temperature and stay butt naked?

Finding that good nightwear attire can tremendously help you get a good nights’ sleep.

More so if there are abrupt wake up interruptions in the middle of the night or early morning, you will never feel embarrassed to open that door.

Picture credit: Internet and Net a Porter

Love FBN

Vision boards: To do or Not to do?

As we welcome in the new year, many of us come up with resolutions and all the hype lines “new year- new me”. They could be laughable to some but whatever works for you, use that.

Personally I choose vision boards amongst a few favorites.

I do not write lists anymore because for the past I couple of years I have created a vision board. It would also help if you wrote down what you envision. There is power in writing. In the book of Habakkuk there is a similar verse: It might tarry but it will surely come.

I am visual and the daily pictures or affirmations are confronting and remind me of my aspirations.

The idea is to fill a board with pictures or words or items that give you a good feeling for those things you would love to achieve but most importantly they are not only material but also could involve the state of the mind. Or simply pictures that give you a good feeling or warmth in your heart. Anything that evokes that hidden passion, dreams, confidence, … really anything

I like to leave open spaces on my vision boards to create room for any upcoming ideas and to be able to receive more than you anticipated.

Whenever I take an assessment I am always amazed at what I have achieved or that goal that I forgot about and now I attained or changed for something else.

It is your vision board so there is freedom to re-organise as you see fit.

Set your board on a place you frequent or pass by daily so that you are reminded of your hearts desires.

God speeed!

Love Fiona FBN

Happy New Year 2018 πŸŒŽπŸŒπŸŒ

Here is to new dreams.

The unknown

00:00 1/1

God speed

God’s Favour

Love FBN

A Christmas Red dress outfit

If you are not staying in today, then most likely you are getting dressed up in your favorite outfit.

If you choose a red dress, you are a friend in my head. Red does look good everywhere and adds that extra boost that one might need on such crowded days.

I love this Guess red dress where it appears as a deep orange color in different lighting. I prefer simple jewelry for this dress because it has many intricate designs already. But by all means add the jewels that make you shine.


I added this HermΓ©s scarf (this is an online story for another day – clue – not everything online is authentic).

There are loads of red dresses to choose from. It could be dramatic, simple, over the top what matters is that the chosen dress makes you feel comfortable.

Some options I found online:


Since it is winter in Europe, you can add on a statement coat for warmth and that last accessory appeal.


Merry Christmas and celebrate the reason for the season

Song I am loving today: Pentatonix: That’s Christmas to me

Love FBN


Staying cozy in a Winter Red coat!

Happy December!

I always love a pop of colour, more especially in the cold months because it simply brightens my mood or day. Red is one of my favourite colours of all time. Powerful, inviting yet cautious is how I would describe it.

This year I was pleasantly excited when I found this wool winter red coat at a give away price.

It gives me a spring in my walk – literally because it is not only cosy and warm but the length is absolutely an added advantage during the cold windy months.

I did find some other photos on Pinterest on how one can dress it up elegantly…

Or dress the winter red coat down in a casual fun way yet keeping it stylish and classy.

Stay elegant on your own budget


Fiona, FBN

Authenticity & Podcast advice: I got your back and You got my back

Sometimes music is not enough on a random trip. That is why Podcasts are winning .. I guess. One can get a whole education on multiple series. Today was for light information that would not drown the journey with overthinking. That is why recently on a short trip I randomly listened to a podcast. 
The Podcast was by Sara Bond called Beautiful Brave. 

There after I saw this image then I was sold. It was like that “ah moment” where the message then makes sense. 

Travel Podcast πŸ’ΏπŸ“–πŸ–‹nuggets of wisdom from Sarah Bond:

To paraphrase these are the few highlights I learnt.

Life is not only about people who act true in your face but remain true behind your back. 

Because the best friends have each others’ back even in one’s absence and don’t tear other people down! 

The quality of our central relationships deeply impacts our souls! That is why it is important to be authentic to self first and then others & feel safe with people you share your life with. πŸ™ŒπŸΏπŸ™ŒπŸΏπŸ€”πŸ€›πŸΏπŸ‘ŒπŸΏπŸ’ͺ🏿 #authentic #authenticfriendship #growth #word #bethefriendyouwanttohave don’t be #onesidedrelationship

Stay blessed and tell the ones you love that you hold them dear.


Sister love: lessons from Serena and Venus Williams

Book recommendation Serena Williams My life; because I honestly felt like she was in the same room as me reading to me loudly. 

Alright, I love her but this right here is a good inspirational book. It reminded me to celebrate the most awesome people that push me on each day. Thank you immensely. #noIGfamily (will send it as Email to them) this book made me miss my #noIGsisterPraise cos only a shared look between us is enough to understand each other; #trueloyalfriends 

The sisterly love she shares with Serena is incredible it can be felt across  the TV screen, the magazines just by looking at them. I am glad I have such a love with my sweetest sister Praise.

 I hope I can always be there for you as you are for me. Love you so much.

Just finished reading this great book and some lessons I picked that I would like to share.

My life: Queen of the Court by Serena Williams.

A memoir about her and sister Venus Williams. Champions in every sense of the word. 

This book was timely for me because irrespective of our backgrounds good or challenging each and everyone of us has the potential to overcome the odds. 

Blessed you are or lucky you are if your family, friends, schools, mentors support you and lead you to a good path or help you to stay on it. That you can in turn reciprocate the love and lessons to others. I hope that we can all try and be a solid foundation for each other. There are silent heroes who provide a silent nod, a handshake, a hug, do background work that is vital to our wellbeing. Render support, be a role model to each other coz the stone that was ignored did become the chief corner.

I liked the nuance that every ball bounces differently and this can be applied to our own lives. So what if we are different? What about core values? Victory awaits all of us. At one point Venus had to serve 200 times a day to perfect her serve. Healthy competition is ok. We do not have to put down someone or dim their light for us to shine. Stay humble and not dwell on the mistakes even when we disappoint ourselves or when we are let down by others. We are all a work in progress. Success is different and not a straight line. If we put God first all will work out. 

Wish you all and myself an abundance of courage and will to go forth and realise our dreams. 

Wish her the best in her upcoming marriage. 

In her last words Focus Focus Focus. Be confident. Hold Serve. Move up. Attack. Kill. Smile. Because our perspective continues to shift. 

Venus’ words: you have to believe in yourself when no one else does, that is what makes a winner.

Congratulations on all your wins/ titles. Thank you. 

Credit of photos to rightful owners from the Internet.

Love Fi, FBN

Inspiration gift ideas for the Queens in our lives

Today we will get a glimpse into the few gift ideas that the magnificent ladies in our lives will appreciate. 

There are so many ideas as there are many personalities of the different species. 

For the woman who loves color and a few delicate accessories the above items might be of interest. A bright colourful scarf or a Pom Pom for that handbag that needs a revamp. A beautiful handbag will uplift any outfit whether going for a girls night out or any evening event. 

We all love a good nights’ sleep and what better way to get your full rest in a beautiful nightwear. 

Choices can vary from cozy pajama sets to that sexy little nightie or chemise. 

There are many gift ideas and the list can never be conclusive till you have that talk with your queen and know what she loves. Know her hobbys and get inspired.

Lastly a Queen deserves her crown.  

Share your gift ideas or the gifts that you loved and truly treasure. 


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