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Sewing & D.I.Y Crafts

D.I.Y Clutch

With my quest to learn how to sew led me to finding a beautiful lady,  of Mimi G Style. Mimi gives tutorials via YouTube or her blog. I must confess though as a beginner I don’t quiet get the patterns yet; but if a tutorial does not require calculating 1/4 of a yard here and 3/4 there I do pretty much follow. Thank you Mimi for the tips. You have one devoted subscriber.

Which is why I was super excited when I saw a do-it-yourself clutch.I had left over fabrics lying around the house and a zipper which meant half of the job was done. However, I did not have interfacing fabric nor had I ever heard of it. So a budgetnista it was time to see what a substitute would be. I cut pieces from a woolen or flannel sort of fabric.

For my love of accents I added a bright blue lining and a broken pearl necklace I had refused to let go to the zipper this makes it easy to open and close but also adds a touch of beauty and personal feeling to this D.I.Y.


Then I got cold feet, I mean I had never sewn successfully a zipper. Neither on the pants nor the skirt that I had attempted before.

Then looking at the woolen fabric I realised it was so thick and might break my needles and thus leading me to attempt sewing a clutch without a zipper and also without the woolen fabric inside.

Boy, was I fast at completing it but upon lifting it it weighed like a feather and would not stay upright or hold firmly.

Second attempt was to put my fears away and try it as the tutorial suggested. I am ecstatic! Not only did I manage to sew the zipper the right side at first attempt but the clutch is so beautiful. I look forward to making many more in different shapes and colors coupled with beautiful accents like buttons or rings.

Below here are the steps I followed.

Lastly the bonus clutch I started with, without a zipper nor an interfacing.


Proud owner of two D.I.Y clutches that did not necessitate me to buy anything new from the shops except to use what I already had in my home.


Budget tips: Improvise and substitute what tutorials call for; use fabrics that you have. You can mix and match fabrics. Use a different color zipper instead of buying new things.

Use your imagination for things lying around your house for example and old jean skirt can be cut and used as an interfacing.

Put your signature on whatever you make. For example I love accessories and used a broken necessary to add a touch to the zipper.

Live your dreams in your own budget.





Saint Valentine DIY

Valentine’s day is around the corner

I love any excuse to celebrate a holiday but then the excitement dies down because everything has become commercialized.

Try at home do-it-yourself ideas that are inexpensive and also practical. The bonus they are easily accessible and when the holiday is over most of them can easily be disposed of without the guilt of spending lots of money on the purchases.


Ideas can range from making something from iron strings to cutting cute hearts from the magazines.


DIY Lampshade





Fabric choice




Sewing project: Pencil skirt

combine_images 2





Au naturel Christmas decorations on a budget

Pinterest is an awesome website with lots of brilliant ideas where one can draw inspiration.

Coupled with that in mind we set forth to search for Do It Yourself tricks that I could use in the home during the holiday decorations.

Side note: Who knew it was against the law to pick these branches from an open park? 🙂 That is an adventure story for another day but don’t dare cut off any branches because the forest and park management are watching! Trust me, even with no cameras visible in the high bushes they will find you!

The easiest was bringing the green indoors. The green leafy branches were generously used in various places around the house. So since it is not entirely allowed to pick these brnaches from a public park a better option to find these could be in a florist or other DIY shops.

roflbot xmas tree in basket

I did print out the “Joy to the world message” and “it is the most wonderful time of the year”. These short notes in woodsy vintage photo frames are a constant reminder to see for joy in all things in the world. More importantly the reason for the season which is Jesus Christ who redeemed us. What incredible positive energy one exudes if they are living the same.

Two vases with pinecones, different kinds of branches became centrepieces alongside candles. The backdrop was African baskets from Rwanda and Uganda. These baskets are in different forms, shapes and colors. Similar baskets can be bought from many other parts of the world.

roflbot baskets on wall

The other green, twigs were filled in a basket where lights were added.

Budget tip: Use any protective item around the house for candle sticks or flower vases. See picture I used these cute tins that are meant to be used for vinegar/oil as my candlesticks. Gift from WS, 09/2015

Use glasses for centrepieces and add pinecones to the water to add a floating effect.

If you live far from birth place like I am, incorporate some art or meaningful pieces from home to fight the nostalgia and homesickness. Woven baskets always adorn my home, they are on the wall, on the mantel on the coffee table, home office table and kitchen.

Love to read about other people’s tricks and tips to have a fabulous home on a budget yet keep it personal to cater to all living in the place.

Stay blessed.

Love Fi, FBN

Little decorative accents lit up by Christmas lights.

Christmas time is before us.

No matter whether in a tiny or huge place one can easily personalise their space with beautiful accents in their home.

What better way than to brighten the space with lights; Christmas lights, LED, or multi colored or white or any kind one can find.

In my place of abode there is a corner that I dedicate to African art, candles, magazines and small animal pieces. This holiday I wanted to brigthen the corner with a few accents of original or popular colors: red, a bit or green and silver.

roflbot 5

I achieved the look with the Turquoise candles, decorative pines, plastic and au naturel, decorative stones, silver mirrored Christmas balls, decor tiny baskets and the photos that stand in a metre high shelf.

The crystal frames symbolising Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus are super cute sitting on the lights that make them glow much more.

The little baskets symoblised the gifts that were carried by the three wise men when they saw the star.

roflbot 13

The lights flickering in the dark gave a beautiful glow.

Note to self: Find a solution to hide the long cables that run from the socket next year.

Thanks to Roflbot app that I used to add text. What a brillaint idea.

Let me know how you decorated your place. Upload pictures.

roflbot 22

Budget tip: Hang some photos if you have blank walls, DIY beads, little unique stones that can be collected on way home, at the beach to fill up the glass vases before placing the candles. In the long glass I added a long glass beaded necklace that I nolonger wore to add height to the candle to balance out length of the glass.

In the photo shelf I added the pines and silver mirrored balls, I did not mind the shelves being a bit full because I know I will remove the extra accents after the holidays and the caricature animals can regain their space.

Happy holidays.  Spread forth light

Live your dreams.

Stay blessed.

Love Fi, FBN

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