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D.I.Y Clutch

With my quest to learn how to sew led me to finding a beautiful lady,  of Mimi G Style. Mimi gives tutorials via YouTube or her blog. I must confess though as a beginner I don’t quiet get the patterns yet; but if a tutorial does not require calculating 1/4 of a yard here and 3/4 there I do pretty much follow. Thank you Mimi for the tips. You have one devoted subscriber.

Which is why I was super excited when I saw a do-it-yourself clutch.I had left over fabrics lying around the house and a zipper which meant half of the job was done. However, I did not have interfacing fabric nor had I ever heard of it. So a budgetnista it was time to see what a substitute would be. I cut pieces from a woolen or flannel sort of fabric.

For my love of accents I added a bright blue lining and a broken pearl necklace I had refused to let go to the zipper this makes it easy to open and close but also adds a touch of beauty and personal feeling to this D.I.Y.


Then I got cold feet, I mean I had never sewn successfully a zipper. Neither on the pants nor the skirt that I had attempted before.

Then looking at the woolen fabric I realised it was so thick and might break my needles and thus leading me to attempt sewing a clutch without a zipper and also without the woolen fabric inside.

Boy, was I fast at completing it but upon lifting it it weighed like a feather and would not stay upright or hold firmly.

Second attempt was to put my fears away and try it as the tutorial suggested. I am ecstatic! Not only did I manage to sew the zipper the right side at first attempt but the clutch is so beautiful. I look forward to making many more in different shapes and colors coupled with beautiful accents like buttons or rings.

Below here are the steps I followed.

Lastly the bonus clutch I started with, without a zipper nor an interfacing.


Proud owner of two D.I.Y clutches that did not necessitate me to buy anything new from the shops except to use what I already had in my home.


Budget tips: Improvise and substitute what tutorials call for; use fabrics that you have. You can mix and match fabrics. Use a different color zipper instead of buying new things.

Use your imagination for things lying around your house for example and old jean skirt can be cut and used as an interfacing.

Put your signature on whatever you make. For example I love accessories and used a broken necessary to add a touch to the zipper.

Live your dreams in your own budget.





Natural Afro Hair Chronicles

Type: Hair 4c

Protective styles

IMG_1756 (2)

Red dress… a cliche Valentine fashion idea

What rhymes with Valentines? Roses and Red anything, flowers, lipstick or a hot sexy red number

Chose a BCBGMaxazria dress I have kept for a long while. Only to find out that the bust was now a bit narrow and needed last minute adjustments.

Coupled that with a braided chignon.. which is a fancy name for a French hair bun.

IMG_1756 (2)

It can range from a long flowy gown to a simple cocktail dress or a flirty one



Happy Valentine’s day


Ice Skating lessons: Letting go & trusting to go on

After the ice skating adventure I captioned the following on the Instagram picture.

Life lesson: As a first for me to ice skate I was reminded that it is always part of life: when you fall down you have to get back up. The fall might have been hard but that is the true test of life don’t quit.
Secondly, sometimes there is absolutely no one near, (people have already skated way ahead) to help you get up thus one has to push oneself up to keep going.
Thirdly, always ask for help, no man is an island. Lean on to the help that is available. Support is always available we only have to reach out. Scream your lungs out and call your friends/family.

The preparation

In life there is always preparation, kinds of preparation, it might be reading about the topic one is going to tackle or rehearsals or consultations etc.

With ice skating the right shoes are needed: Ice skates are boots with blades attached to the bottom, used to propel the wearer across a sheet of  ice while ice skating.

The first tip given is to take one size bigger than normal foot size. Then you are told to hold on to the wall if you are first time skater. And then surprisingly being told not to copy anyone on the skating grounds because then the technique is lost.

Gloves are also needed, however this was an indoor ice skating ground, so it was not so cold and that is why I got away with being in stockings and shorts.

Support system

Of course being a first time one needs support even a little bit for a few minutes. The ice is really slippery, any second one can easily slide on to the ground. If there is support call out for tips and guidance, it is important in life to realise we need each other and maybe more the other people than we would care to admit.

Sometimes like all lessons in life we do not realise the support system is there and then we try to venture on our  own and learn hard lessons like falling on the skating grounds. Believe me it is a hard cold ground.


Trust in oneself

Trust and believe that no matter the circumstances you will make it either holding on to the wall, slowly skating to nearest safe place or better yet learning a few skills that help you to skate through properly.


There will be a rainbow after the storm. I believe that there is nothing too hard to be overcome. The falls might be discouraging; the support system might choose to let go and leave you on your own. Maybe that is a good thing to discover who you really are; your strengths; your points to work at.


Have fun and take responsibility

In the end letting go is the best medication because clarity of situations becomes clearer when one releases the things holding us back; the things we believed should be; the things we dreamed ought to be; the future we envisioned. Be merry,  laugh, get back up, get organized, start a fresh and replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts and activities.

Budget tip: If you are going to stick to ice skating as a hobby, it is cheaper buying the shoes because 10 times at the rental might cost equivalent to a pair. And vice versa if you are only going with friends to try out ice skating once then rentals are the best choice.

At the indoor place, it was allowed to go with own snacks and drinks.

Share the activities that you have tried that have encouraged you to let go of pent up frustrations, fear, anger, stress and made you emerge out as a victor.

Love Fi, FBN

New Year 2016 Devotional

Sharing a meal, laughter, love to the start of a new year


Sitting here and pondering on the last year ups, downs, blessings and envisioning the yet to be.

New Year 2016


Faux bun that held it together for more than 6 hours.

For the hair, doing a protective style for the natural hair was an easy choice so that the hair could lay low with minimal shrinkage.

Christmas season with a little bit of red.

This year there was neither snow nor rain thus revamping this summer look was a no brainer. Winter whites are a good alternative to bring colour to grey clouds and chilly days because any colorful accessory added to the outfit will bring it to life.


Deuteronomy  7:13 He will love you and bless you and increase your numbers. He will bless the fruit of your womb, the crops of your land–your grain, new wine and oil–the calves of your herds and the lambs of your flocks in the land that he swore to your forefathers to give you.

At the start of a new year if no resolutions are made, I like to hold on to the everlasting promises and claim them. After all it is ask, seek and receive.

All the best for the year with loved ones, friendships and immense opportunities.

Budget tip: Always free of charge to stay kind, gracious and grateful. A thankful prayer goes a long way daily :).

Love Fi, FBN





New Year Eve’s Outfit: White Jumpsuit

Another start of a year, writing new resolutions, promising to kick old habits and staying hopeful to achieve more for our lives.

Before all that starts I believe we have to feel good inside so that the exterior can exude the same.

There is no need to rob a bank but rather to get inspiration and say goodbye to an old year in our best self.

I love the versatility of a jumpsuit, it is like a favourite dress one outfit and it is done.

Jumpsuits are my favourite, in summer I wore this jumpsuit to celebrate a special time in my life.

That is me in the jumpsuit and microbraids that I really loved.


At the time I had never known that I was allergic to a few delicacies in the seafood cuisine, prawns!

No sooner had we started enjoying the delicacies in this open restaurant where waiters serve all kinds of fish or meat on the sword like sticks then i started feeling sick. This could not be true, I was perfectly fine, what was wrong with me, were they the jitters? I shared what was happening to me and I thought it was the cocktail we were served first. But no, there was a special pain in my ears then rumbling in my tummy and before I could muster any ounce of energy to stand up and run to the bathroom I had covered myself in my vomit, in a crowded restaurant furthermore in a white outfit. It was noticeable, no amount of napkins would hide the stains. In my mind I knew I would say goodbye to this jumpsuit because I never thought the food stains would all get out.

We never completed the meal and we went back home. Once home I soaked the jumpsuit, washed it and hung it to dry. To my pleasant surprise all the stains were out. It was white as snow again. It became my favourite go-to-outfit. Being end of the year and we were invited by a lovely friend Carrie to join her family and other friends to celebrate NYE, I wanted something that would be pretty but also withstand any spillages if any occurred. Which i guarantee because this is a wild cool group and there might be some sticky hugs. More so Caroline the kind host is really a good cook and some thing might slide off the napkin.

Below I did google pictures with a jumpsuit to show how it can be worn in many ways.

Short sleeves


Long sleeves

Back Open


Halter top


Share your outfit nightmares and the after comebacks.

Wish you a fabulous New Year 2016

Budget tip: One’s own wardrobe is the best shopping place. Pull out an old outfit and restyle it. Not every event calls for a new shopping trip. Break rules for example white does not need to be worn only in summer. I made it a winter white. 

Accessorize differently, change bag, jewelry, shoes, make up or just the hair style. 

Share outfits that were recycled and made awesome and other tips.

Love Fi, FBN

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