If you are not staying in today, then most likely you are getting dressed up in your favorite outfit.

If you choose a red dress, you are a friend in my head. Red does look good everywhere and adds that extra boost that one might need on such crowded days.

I love this Guess red dress where it appears as a deep orange color in different lighting. I prefer simple jewelry for this dress because it has many intricate designs already. But by all means add the jewels that make you shine.


I added this HermΓ©s scarf (this is an online story for another day – clue – not everything online is authentic).

There are loads of red dresses to choose from. It could be dramatic, simple, over the top what matters is that the chosen dress makes you feel comfortable.

Some options I found online:


Since it is winter in Europe, you can add on a statement coat for warmth and that last accessory appeal.


Merry Christmas and celebrate the reason for the season

Song I am loving today: Pentatonix: That’s Christmas to me

Love FBN