The holidays are gone and we are trying to catch a breath of fresh air to internalise all that transpired over the Christmas and New Year season. 

Yet before the memories are internalised suddenly there are already adverts for Saint Valentine’s Day. 

There is no catching a breather in these commercialised years we are living in. 

We can avoid being entangled in the never ending commercial holidays and special ideas if we got inspired and maybe did a Do-It-Yourself. Or looked around for much cheaper goods without emptying our bank accounts.

As a budgetnista I always try to get inspired by all things around me before I zero in on that particular one gift I love. After all it is the thought that counts, or so we are made to believe!

So today is dedicated to the kings in our lives from the brother, father, friend, spouse, all the nice gentlemen we would like to honour. 

Know the type of person you are shopping for. Is the King in mention a traveller, a writer, a sportsperson or a lover of lerarning languages etc. 

Once you  get to know who they are, it will be easy to pick a gift that will make them sweep you off your feet. Or make their eyes pop. Above all cherish the gift and the memories. So make it count. 

Get inspired and shop your own budget.

Photo credit: All pictures taken from the internet.