As a natural hair Afro girl I am all for protective styling. Micro braids are what I love the most. Straight braids day in, day out are monotonous and reason I revamp the hair styles weekly. This particular week I had a special inspiration.

2016 is the year that claimed a fair share of celebrities. Carrie Fisher popularly known as Princess Leia was one of them. 

I am embarrassed to say I have not yet completed all the Star Wars series. 

Yet I have loved her quirky ear-hair buns. Many Celebrities have been inspired by the bun on many different red carpets. 

Karruche looked fresh and young in a white suit crowned with the Princess Leia hair bun.

Jennifer Lawrence had herself one beautiful braid letting her hair lose on the sides.

When Carrie Fisher passed on, I felt a sudden loss the kind of loss one feels when you have been working with a colleague for years but never really interacted much minus the occasional hello, sharing mumbled conversations on the coffee machine. Then one day you arrive at work and then there is a condolence card passing around to be signed by all the colleagues and suddenly it downs on you that you never really knew this person and you would have loved to know them. But why didn’t you? You ask yourself. Now it is too late to go back and wish to have said more than two syllables to deceased colleague. 

Kerry Washington always a stunner 

Today, I will confess that I didn’t complete watching the Star Wars seasons because I found them exhausting and a tad bit boring. I apologise to the huge fans. 

On the positive side I loved Princess Leia the incredible Carrie Fisher and I will bid her farewell by  donning the famous hair braid. Rest in Peace beautiful Carrie Fisher. 

Did you watch Star Wars? What are the things that are memorable for you? Share any inspiration you got from the movie, after all the force awakens.