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January 2017

Inspiration gift ideas for the Queens in our lives

Today we will get a glimpse into the few gift ideas that the magnificent ladies in our lives will appreciate. 

There are so many ideas as there are many personalities of the different species. 

For the woman who loves color and a few delicate accessories the above items might be of interest. A bright colourful scarf or a Pom Pom for that handbag that needs a revamp. A beautiful handbag will uplift any outfit whether going for a girls night out or any evening event. 

We all love a good nights’ sleep and what better way to get your full rest in a beautiful nightwear. 

Choices can vary from cozy pajama sets to that sexy little nightie or chemise. 

There are many gift ideas and the list can never be conclusive till you have that talk with your queen and know what she loves. Know her hobbys and get inspired.

Lastly a Queen deserves her crown.  

Share your gift ideas or the gifts that you loved and truly treasure. 


Inspiration gift ideas for the kings in our lives

The holidays are gone and we are trying to catch a breath of fresh air to internalise all that transpired over the Christmas and New Year season. 

Yet before the memories are internalised suddenly there are already adverts for Saint Valentine’s Day. 

There is no catching a breather in these commercialised years we are living in. 

We can avoid being entangled in the never ending commercial holidays and special ideas if we got inspired and maybe did a Do-It-Yourself. Or looked around for much cheaper goods without emptying our bank accounts.

As a budgetnista I always try to get inspired by all things around me before I zero in on that particular one gift I love. After all it is the thought that counts, or so we are made to believe!

So today is dedicated to the kings in our lives from the brother, father, friend, spouse, all the nice gentlemen we would like to honour. 

Know the type of person you are shopping for. Is the King in mention a traveller, a writer, a sportsperson or a lover of lerarning languages etc. 

Once you  get to know who they are, it will be easy to pick a gift that will make them sweep you off your feet. Or make their eyes pop. Above all cherish the gift and the memories. So make it count. 

Get inspired and shop your own budget.

Photo credit: All pictures taken from the internet.


Men’s fashion

Curiosity they say killed the cat. Today I was browsing around and saw the latest men’s fashion from Milan Fashion week 2017.

These high waisted or is high chested pants got me thinking. How far can we push the envelope in facet of life? 

Is the fashion a haute couture also for men or are they experimenting on new suit ventures? 

See the tie sometimes can be blown by the wind or sometimes it is hard to figure it out how to tie a tie, a nursery rhyme was created because of the intricacies of tying a tie.

This designer has decided to make it easy and the tie is tucked into the high waist trousers. 

On the other hand all jokes aside I found the men’s fashion really intriguing and exciting. It is full of clean sharp lines; high coats; vests; shiny shoes or causual look that still stands out when it is well thought out. 

Men’s fashion has evolved from simplicity yet keeping the daily gentleman also involved in the daily style. One could add some buzz to his outfit with a simple bow or ankle length trousers or adding a light winter jacket inside a costume/ suit. 

Flamboyant colours have not been left to the females but have been embraced by all. 

I look forward to the Men’s fashion week in February. 


Soaking the aches away in a Jacuzzi

Oh how I love the feeling of anything that promotes relaxation; better sleep and certainly glowing good skin. 

Not many things would have such a combination. Except a bubbling soak in a jacuzzi.

On this day when my friend invited me for the R &R. I quickly packed my travel bag and off I went. [Sorry had to put sticker on the face because I did not ask her for permission to use our photo on public blog.] Thank you dear friend for the gesture. Loved it and look forward to many more adventures. 

Back to the R&R weekend, it was a wonderful distraction that I needed for my aching muscles, tenses up joints, stiff back and simply to clear my head. 

So it all began with the warm bathe then quickly jumped into the jacuzzi which had hot water bubbling and my back leaning on the massage balls that increased the intensity down the spine and to the legs back to the buttocks then the thighs then back to rolling against the stiffness and sore muscles that were aching.

After a good amount of time in the hot jacuzzi I had so many benefits that I got from it.

A glass of wine during the bubble soak is a wonderful idea accompanied with good conversation. Nothing will feel more luxurious.

Not only did it soothe my muscles but I was completely relaxed and ready for a good nights sleep. 

If you are having a stressful day, or just want to improve your blood circulation or just to get that steam on your skin the jacuzzi is the answer. 

Go ahead and have enjoy the company as you help your body beat the daily stress of our busy lives. 

Hair inspiration 

A beautiful crown always makes an outfit. 

It can certainly uplift that casual look to chic in minutes once that beautiful hair crown is sitting upright on a balanced pair of shoulders. 

Today it is easy to achieve most hair styles with the addition of hair extensions, hair color, pins and other accessories.

Certainly the options are as many as there are hair stylists.

Be inspired, all pictures gotten from the internet. Credit to rightful owners.



Golden globes

The grand meeting between different stakeholders with fashion lovers taking some seats on the front row. 

The dress worn by Olivia designed by Zuhair Muhad was among the best in my eyes. 

With the current political situation world over I think that vibrant-floral-printed-patterned-long dress that was revealing yet traditional in a nut shell showed the diversity of the people and how we can live together. 

Long Maxi Love dress!

During winter one might be fussy about wearing a really long dress.

How stunning are Kelly Rowland in Chloe dress and Katie Lowes in her NaCCP 46th image award dress?

The fear of the heel getting trapped into the hem of the dress! A beautiful fabric getting ruined by being dragged in the icy ground, mud or dust. 

Then there are those dresses that one sees and throws all caution to the wind. The dress is magnificent and whatever consequences it suffers even after great care being taken will be handled. For now the dress has to be enjoyed in her glorious state. The flowy length; the billowing sleeves. The beautiful design and fabric caressing against the skin and moving against the wind. 

More maxi dresses that I absolutely love and which which give you more inspiration to add to your wardrobe.

Loved this patchwork maxi dress from Aquilano Rimondi, Ralph Lauren, Kenzo and Robert Cavalli.

Happy New Year 2017


2016 Spiked Shoes .. to splurge or to DIY

This blog is solely dedicated to finding ways we can incorporate our budgets whatever they may be to outlet fashion tastes.

Spiked shoes have walked on so many runways and on so many streets. 

This morning I was a little taken back when I saw an advert glaring at me from the sides of the open links I had opened. 

We all know Google checks out our cookies to send things we are interested. Since I am always searching for ways to stretch the Euro it is no secret that DIY – do it yourself- is frequently in the search button. 

So, lo and behold there was a DIY to have that coveted spiked shoe by some fashionistas. I guess who battled with spending thousands of dollars on a pair of shoes when the mighty DIY glue gun and a few spikes, nails and clips would do the trick. 

This is one DIY I will wait to try, only because I fear for these spikes to fall when am walking or worse poking me from inside the shoe all in the name of a good spiked heel or kicks. 

To splurge or To DIY?


Princess Leia Star Wars hair braid inspiration

As a natural hair Afro girl I am all for protective styling. Micro braids are what I love the most. Straight braids day in, day out are monotonous and reason I revamp the hair styles weekly. This particular week I had a special inspiration.

2016 is the year that claimed a fair share of celebrities. Carrie Fisher popularly known as Princess Leia was one of them. 

I am embarrassed to say I have not yet completed all the Star Wars series. 

Yet I have loved her quirky ear-hair buns. Many Celebrities have been inspired by the bun on many different red carpets. 

Karruche looked fresh and young in a white suit crowned with the Princess Leia hair bun.

Jennifer Lawrence had herself one beautiful braid letting her hair lose on the sides.

When Carrie Fisher passed on, I felt a sudden loss the kind of loss one feels when you have been working with a colleague for years but never really interacted much minus the occasional hello, sharing mumbled conversations on the coffee machine. Then one day you arrive at work and then there is a condolence card passing around to be signed by all the colleagues and suddenly it downs on you that you never really knew this person and you would have loved to know them. But why didn’t you? You ask yourself. Now it is too late to go back and wish to have said more than two syllables to deceased colleague. 

Kerry Washington always a stunner 

Today, I will confess that I didn’t complete watching the Star Wars seasons because I found them exhausting and a tad bit boring. I apologise to the huge fans. 

On the positive side I loved Princess Leia the incredible Carrie Fisher and I will bid her farewell by  donning the famous hair braid. Rest in Peace beautiful Carrie Fisher. 

Did you watch Star Wars? What are the things that are memorable for you? Share any inspiration you got from the movie, after all the force awakens.

Fi, FBN 

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