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April 2016

Moroccan chicken tagine

I found these two tagine recipes and wanted to give them a try

Ingredients used

However, I did not have the local tagine therefore used an oven.

The best thing about a tagine one can use any ingredients and vegetables at hand that suit their taste.

Dice irish potatoes , red onions, carrots, lemon etc and add chicken stock. You can add all the spices at this point or use them to marinate the chicken for hours before frying it.


Slightly brown the chicken and add white onions for flavour

Cover and set in oven for 40 mins or more. Add dried apricots, dates or olives or almonds and ghee which is clarified butter


Set in the oven for another 20 minutes or until ready.

Serve with couscous or eat as it is.

Egypt a travel destination

Egypt is hot in every sense of the word: the weather is hot, literally one can feel the sun rays releasing the vitamin D; the food is hot meaning amazing; the tourist places also hot; the culture and food very hot also meaning really amazing and her people too hot, both the women and men are beautiful creatures.

I was blessed to be on this trip as it opened to me a different world that I was not accustomed to.

The blue sea


Water sports and  abs … a full six pack

My instructor was not only kind but fiiineeeee totally ready for a summer body vacay photo shoot


Camel riding


Fish eating feet soles





View from the window at sunset

The chairs are all available yet by 10 O’Clock they would all be decked with towels and sun soaking sleeping people


The hotel


Quick transportation from the hotel to another hotel that had a full shopping mall and with the most kind “driver” helmsman are the people who “drive”boats also drivers. Great google comes in handy

If it’s a sailing boat, you sail it. If you’re the captain of a ship, you skipper it, and if you’re the helmsman, you steer or helm it, but otherwise, there’s no general term


This trip would not have ended without my hair having a mind of its own. The humidity was not its highest and blow the hair strands to every direction except lay down flat on the head it did.

Finally I gave up trying to keep it tamed and with boldness I walked around like a human lion king with the unruly mane. I did enjoy the days after because like Indie Arei said I am not my hair.



Ralph & Russo haute couture handbag inspiration

Crushes are a real thing and sometimes they need a quick cure so that one does not lose their mind.

These Ralph and Russo handbags and clutches are beautifully crafted. For a price tag of £5,950 and a “cheaper” one for close to £2,000 not many people can afford that., myself included.

Quick solution is to find a similar look for less.

Or make yourself a DIY

I have a bag that I have loved and which has served me well over four years. the straps were getting old and I was nolonger using it but I could not get rid of it because I loved the snake skin leather material.


Today it came in handy as I used it for my style for less from the British luxury house R&R.

I love having personal touches to my style. I added an African fabric, in my language we call it kitengye as a lining; this was the fabric that had remained from the chair cushions I sewed a while back!

A yellow zipper for a pop of color; an old brooch that has the right amount of bling and shine and finished off the handle with a gold metallic chain.


Voila I have a leather bag that will serve me for a while and I will treasure because it is my own creation.







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