After the ice skating adventure I captioned the following on the Instagram picture.

Life lesson: As a first for me to ice skate I was reminded that it is always part of life: when you fall down you have to get back up. The fall might have been hard but that is the true test of life don’t quit.
Secondly, sometimes there is absolutely no one near, (people have already skated way ahead) to help you get up thus one has to push oneself up to keep going.
Thirdly, always ask for help, no man is an island. Lean on to the help that is available. Support is always available we only have to reach out. Scream your lungs out and call your friends/family.

The preparation

In life there is always preparation, kinds of preparation, it might be reading about the topic one is going to tackle or rehearsals or consultations etc.

With ice skating the right shoes are needed: Ice skates are boots with blades attached to the bottom, used to propel the wearer across a sheet of  ice while ice skating.

The first tip given is to take one size bigger than normal foot size. Then you are told to hold on to the wall if you are first time skater. And then surprisingly being told not to copy anyone on the skating grounds because then the technique is lost.

Gloves are also needed, however this was an indoor ice skating ground, so it was not so cold and that is why I got away with being in stockings and shorts.

Support system

Of course being a first time one needs support even a little bit for a few minutes. The ice is really slippery, any second one can easily slide on to the ground. If there is support call out for tips and guidance, it is important in life to realise we need each other and maybe more the other people than we would care to admit.

Sometimes like all lessons in life we do not realise the support system is there and then we try to venture on our  own and learn hard lessons like falling on the skating grounds. Believe me it is a hard cold ground.


Trust in oneself

Trust and believe that no matter the circumstances you will make it either holding on to the wall, slowly skating to nearest safe place or better yet learning a few skills that help you to skate through properly.


There will be a rainbow after the storm. I believe that there is nothing too hard to be overcome. The falls might be discouraging; the support system might choose to let go and leave you on your own. Maybe that is a good thing to discover who you really are; your strengths; your points to work at.


Have fun and take responsibility

In the end letting go is the best medication because clarity of situations becomes clearer when one releases the things holding us back; the things we believed should be; the things we dreamed ought to be; the future we envisioned. Be merry,  laugh, get back up, get organized, start a fresh and replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts and activities.

Budget tip: If you are going to stick to ice skating as a hobby, it is cheaper buying the shoes because 10 times at the rental might cost equivalent to a pair. And vice versa if you are only going with friends to try out ice skating once then rentals are the best choice.

At the indoor place, it was allowed to go with own snacks and drinks.

Share the activities that you have tried that have encouraged you to let go of pent up frustrations, fear, anger, stress and made you emerge out as a victor.

Love Fi, FBN