Another start of a year, writing new resolutions, promising to kick old habits and staying hopeful to achieve more for our lives.

Before all that starts I believe we have to feel good inside so that the exterior can exude the same.

There is no need to rob a bank but rather to get inspiration and say goodbye to an old year in our best self.

I love the versatility of a jumpsuit, it is like a favourite dress one outfit and it is done.

Jumpsuits are my favourite, in summer I wore this jumpsuit to celebrate a special time in my life.

That is me in the jumpsuit and microbraids that I really loved.


At the time I had never known that I was allergic to a few delicacies in the seafood cuisine, prawns!

No sooner had we started enjoying the delicacies in this open restaurant where waiters serve all kinds of fish or meat on the sword like sticks then i started feeling sick. This could not be true, I was perfectly fine, what was wrong with me, were they the jitters? I shared what was happening to me and I thought it was the cocktail we were served first. But no, there was a special pain in my ears then rumbling in my tummy and before I could muster any ounce of energy to stand up and run to the bathroom I had covered myself in my vomit, in a crowded restaurant furthermore in a white outfit. It was noticeable, no amount of napkins would hide the stains. In my mind I knew I would say goodbye to this jumpsuit because I never thought the food stains would all get out.

We never completed the meal and we went back home. Once home I soaked the jumpsuit, washed it and hung it to dry. To my pleasant surprise all the stains were out. It was white as snow again. It became my favourite go-to-outfit. Being end of the year and we were invited by a lovely friend Carrie to join her family and other friends to celebrate NYE, I wanted something that would be pretty but also withstand any spillages if any occurred. Which i guarantee because this is a wild cool group and there might be some sticky hugs. More so Caroline the kind host is really a good cook and some thing might slide off the napkin.

Below I did google pictures with a jumpsuit to show how it can be worn in many ways.

Short sleeves


Long sleeves

Back Open


Halter top


Share your outfit nightmares and the after comebacks.

Wish you a fabulous New Year 2016

Budget tip: One’s own wardrobe is the best shopping place. Pull out an old outfit and restyle it. Not every event calls for a new shopping trip. Break rules for example white does not need to be worn only in summer. I made it a winter white. 

Accessorize differently, change bag, jewelry, shoes, make up or just the hair style. 

Share outfits that were recycled and made awesome and other tips.

Love Fi, FBN