Ultimate Gift Guide: Health and Wellness

  1. Manicure & Pedicure set

This is one of those quick last minute gift ideas that never goes out of style. Everyone loves a good manicure or pedicure and these are handy to be used by either gender.

The reviews on this manicure set are appealing and I was not disappointed with them. They are tiny and fit in any toilet bag.

Do you have an upcoming girl meet up or forgot to order for a gift in time. This 3 sword Manicure & Pedicure set kit made in Germany by Solingen is the ultimate gift.

The set contains: Nail scissors, cuticle scissors , nail clippers large and small , double tool , tweezers, Hoof Stick and sapphire nail file.

By now you know that I love a good pouch and this kit does not disappoint it comes in a black gift package.




These Zwilling satin finish stainless steel slant tweezers are made to the highest of standards, the tweezers’ shanks are of identical length and the filed inner sides are ideal ground for gripping any hair. Perfectly slanted to grip every hair with true precision, perfect for eyebrows and other unwanted hair.

These will make a good gift to anyone who has stubborn hairs that seem to appear at wrong places or place. I have a few stubborn hairs that only appear or seem more obvious in the summer when I pull out that crop top ;). These are super handy even for the eyebrow hair that is out of line.


3. Wine Drop stop

This is the lightest gift I have ever received.  The silver sheet is so light I thought my friend was pulling my leg with the cute gift box that did not weigh anything.

It was such an adorable gift. The Wine Drop Stop is rolled to desired size and inserted in an open wine bottle to stop any spillages to the tables or place mats. It is so cute because the residual wine drops that sometimes run on the outside of the bottle now roll back into the bottle.

I received many of these cute tops that I also shared them with my friends and feedback has been the same, useful simple gadget. The re-gifting idea is awesome, after all sharing is caring.

Note: Remember to wipe dry because they do get stained and once not in use they can be stored next to the wine opener so that they are not forgotten.

Wine stop


Budget Tip: Sometimes the receiver gets too many similar gifts and there is no harm in re-gifting to other friends who need the things as well. If one knows the original giver of the gift might not like the idea consult with them first before sharing the items.

PS: All photos taken by me.

Share gift ideas in the health and wellness department that you love.

Best wishes.