Christmas time is before us.

No matter whether in a tiny or huge place one can easily personalise their space with beautiful accents in their home.

What better way than to brighten the space with lights; Christmas lights, LED, or multi colored or white or any kind one can find.

In my place of abode there is a corner that I dedicate to African art, candles, magazines and small animal pieces. This holiday I wanted to brigthen the corner with a few accents of original or popular colors: red, a bit or green and silver.

roflbot 5

I achieved the look with the Turquoise candles, decorative pines, plastic and au naturel, decorative stones, silver mirrored Christmas balls, decor tiny baskets and the photos that stand in a metre high shelf.

The crystal frames symbolising Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus are super cute sitting on the lights that make them glow much more.

The little baskets symoblised the gifts that were carried by the three wise men when they saw the star.

roflbot 13

The lights flickering in the dark gave a beautiful glow.

Note to self: Find a solution to hide the long cables that run from the socket next year.

Thanks to Roflbot app that I used to add text. What a brillaint idea.

Let me know how you decorated your place. Upload pictures.

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Budget tip: Hang some photos if you have blank walls, DIY beads, little unique stones that can be collected on way home, at the beach to fill up the glass vases before placing the candles. In the long glass I added a long glass beaded necklace that I nolonger wore to add height to the candle to balance out length of the glass.

In the photo shelf I added the pines and silver mirrored balls, I did not mind the shelves being a bit full because I know I will remove the extra accents after the holidays and the caricature animals can regain their space.

Happy holidays.  Spread forth light

Live your dreams.

Stay blessed.

Love Fi, FBN