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December 2015

New Year Eve’s Outfit: White Jumpsuit

Another start of a year, writing new resolutions, promising to kick old habits and staying hopeful to achieve more for our lives.

Before all that starts I believe we have to feel good inside so that the exterior can exude the same.

There is no need to rob a bank but rather to get inspiration and say goodbye to an old year in our best self.

I love the versatility of a jumpsuit, it is like a favourite dress one outfit and it is done.

Jumpsuits are my favourite, in summer I wore this jumpsuit to celebrate a special time in my life.

That is me in the jumpsuit and microbraids that I really loved.


At the time I had never known that I was allergic to a few delicacies in the seafood cuisine, prawns!

No sooner had we started enjoying the delicacies in this open restaurant where waiters serve all kinds of fish or meat on the sword like sticks then i started feeling sick. This could not be true, I was perfectly fine, what was wrong with me, were they the jitters? I shared what was happening to me and I thought it was the cocktail we were served first. But no, there was a special pain in my ears then rumbling in my tummy and before I could muster any ounce of energy to stand up and run to the bathroom I had covered myself in my vomit, in a crowded restaurant furthermore in a white outfit. It was noticeable, no amount of napkins would hide the stains. In my mind I knew I would say goodbye to this jumpsuit because I never thought the food stains would all get out.

We never completed the meal and we went back home. Once home I soaked the jumpsuit, washed it and hung it to dry. To my pleasant surprise all the stains were out. It was white as snow again. It became my favourite go-to-outfit. Being end of the year and we were invited by a lovely friend Carrie to join her family and other friends to celebrate NYE, I wanted something that would be pretty but also withstand any spillages if any occurred. Which i guarantee because this is a wild cool group and there might be some sticky hugs. More so Caroline the kind host is really a good cook and some thing might slide off the napkin.

Below I did google pictures with a jumpsuit to show how it can be worn in many ways.

Short sleeves


Long sleeves

Back Open


Halter top


Share your outfit nightmares and the after comebacks.

Wish you a fabulous New Year 2016

Budget tip: One’s own wardrobe is the best shopping place. Pull out an old outfit and restyle it. Not every event calls for a new shopping trip. Break rules for example white does not need to be worn only in summer. I made it a winter white. 

Accessorize differently, change bag, jewelry, shoes, make up or just the hair style. 

Share outfits that were recycled and made awesome and other tips.

Love Fi, FBN

Ultimate Gift Guide: Health & Wellness

Ultimate Gift Guide: Health and Wellness

  1. Manicure & Pedicure set

This is one of those quick last minute gift ideas that never goes out of style. Everyone loves a good manicure or pedicure and these are handy to be used by either gender.

The reviews on this manicure set are appealing and I was not disappointed with them. They are tiny and fit in any toilet bag.

Do you have an upcoming girl meet up or forgot to order for a gift in time. This 3 sword Manicure & Pedicure set kit made in Germany by Solingen is the ultimate gift.

The set contains: Nail scissors, cuticle scissors , nail clippers large and small , double tool , tweezers, Hoof Stick and sapphire nail file.

By now you know that I love a good pouch and this kit does not disappoint it comes in a black gift package.




These Zwilling satin finish stainless steel slant tweezers are made to the highest of standards, the tweezers’ shanks are of identical length and the filed inner sides are ideal ground for gripping any hair. Perfectly slanted to grip every hair with true precision, perfect for eyebrows and other unwanted hair.

These will make a good gift to anyone who has stubborn hairs that seem to appear at wrong places or place. I have a few stubborn hairs that only appear or seem more obvious in the summer when I pull out that crop top ;). These are super handy even for the eyebrow hair that is out of line.


3. Wine Drop stop

This is the lightest gift I have ever received.  The silver sheet is so light I thought my friend was pulling my leg with the cute gift box that did not weigh anything.

It was such an adorable gift. The Wine Drop Stop is rolled to desired size and inserted in an open wine bottle to stop any spillages to the tables or place mats. It is so cute because the residual wine drops that sometimes run on the outside of the bottle now roll back into the bottle.

I received many of these cute tops that I also shared them with my friends and feedback has been the same, useful simple gadget. The re-gifting idea is awesome, after all sharing is caring.

Note: Remember to wipe dry because they do get stained and once not in use they can be stored next to the wine opener so that they are not forgotten.

Wine stop


Budget Tip: Sometimes the receiver gets too many similar gifts and there is no harm in re-gifting to other friends who need the things as well. If one knows the original giver of the gift might not like the idea consult with them first before sharing the items.

PS: All photos taken by me.

Share gift ideas in the health and wellness department that you love.

Best wishes.



Ultimate gift guide: Electronic gadgets

The Ultimate gift guide: Gadgets

  1. The Koss Stereo Headphone

Frequency Response: 15-25,000 Hz to capture every nuance in your favorite movie or musical performance.
These headphones are super cute and comfortable because they have a padding. They are collapsible and adjustable not only in width but also how firm or light the user wants to fit.

They have an element design for deep bass perfomance.
Foam earcushions provide an open, hear-through sound that lets you keep in touch with your surroundings perfect to wear while running, at work, or while traveling. 

The Koss Headphones do come with a soft pouch where they can be stored and the user will not have to worry about the cord being entangled.

2. WD My Passport – portable hard drive

My Passport is the ideal companion for anyone with lots of videos, photos, music, and files that they want to help protect and take on the road.

We all have accumulated data and keep adding onto the many files and what better way to store all in this gadget that is built for durability, shock tolerance, and long-term reliability.

My Passport offers high capacity in a sleek portable drive. It features ultra-fast USB 3.0 connectivity; automatic, backup software; and password protection and hardware encryption to help protect your files from unauthorized use with plenty of room to store all your files.
Automatic backup
WD’s automatic, continuous backup software works quietly in the background to help protect your data using minimal PC resources. Whenever you add or change a file, it’s instantly backed up.
Powered directly from the USB port on your PC. No separate power supply is needed.

Bonus is a Hard Drive size: 1TB


3. Portable Power Bank

Imagine losing phone life while on the go. We have all become accustomed to the little monsters that have become our phones. This Portable powerbank makes sure the user never goes into a panic while the battery of a phone or tablet runs low. Once I went on holiday to the beautiful motherland and lo and behold, there was loadshedding, (when electricity is off in some areas) I wished I had carried this powerbank baby to at least notify my family where I had reached.

The powerbank comes with two connectors and two USB so the owner and a travel companion or housemate or two gadgets can be charged at once.

It comes with a fitted travel pouch that makes protecting its exterior easy.

Capacity: 15000mAh
Input: DC 5V/1.5A (Standard Micro USB Port)
Output: DC 5V/3.1A (2A+1A)


Or better yet forget it home and enjoy the company of the people around you even without the battery running out.

Happy Holidays

Budget tip: These are gadgets that will help save time, expenses of buying multiple flash disks. With the headphones working out can be easier with the music blaring in the ears.

PS: All photos taken by me.

Share gift ideas in the electronics department that you love or a nerd in your network would love to get.

Dreams are valid and no matter the budget they can be achieved.

Happy New Year 2016.


Au naturel Christmas decorations on a budget

Pinterest is an awesome website with lots of brilliant ideas where one can draw inspiration.

Coupled with that in mind we set forth to search for Do It Yourself tricks that I could use in the home during the holiday decorations.

Side note: Who knew it was against the law to pick these branches from an open park? 🙂 That is an adventure story for another day but don’t dare cut off any branches because the forest and park management are watching! Trust me, even with no cameras visible in the high bushes they will find you!

The easiest was bringing the green indoors. The green leafy branches were generously used in various places around the house. So since it is not entirely allowed to pick these brnaches from a public park a better option to find these could be in a florist or other DIY shops.

roflbot xmas tree in basket

I did print out the “Joy to the world message” and “it is the most wonderful time of the year”. These short notes in woodsy vintage photo frames are a constant reminder to see for joy in all things in the world. More importantly the reason for the season which is Jesus Christ who redeemed us. What incredible positive energy one exudes if they are living the same.

Two vases with pinecones, different kinds of branches became centrepieces alongside candles. The backdrop was African baskets from Rwanda and Uganda. These baskets are in different forms, shapes and colors. Similar baskets can be bought from many other parts of the world.

roflbot baskets on wall

The other green, twigs were filled in a basket where lights were added.

Budget tip: Use any protective item around the house for candle sticks or flower vases. See picture I used these cute tins that are meant to be used for vinegar/oil as my candlesticks. Gift from WS, 09/2015

Use glasses for centrepieces and add pinecones to the water to add a floating effect.

If you live far from birth place like I am, incorporate some art or meaningful pieces from home to fight the nostalgia and homesickness. Woven baskets always adorn my home, they are on the wall, on the mantel on the coffee table, home office table and kitchen.

Love to read about other people’s tricks and tips to have a fabulous home on a budget yet keep it personal to cater to all living in the place.

Stay blessed.

Love Fi, FBN

Little decorative accents lit up by Christmas lights.

Christmas time is before us.

No matter whether in a tiny or huge place one can easily personalise their space with beautiful accents in their home.

What better way than to brighten the space with lights; Christmas lights, LED, or multi colored or white or any kind one can find.

In my place of abode there is a corner that I dedicate to African art, candles, magazines and small animal pieces. This holiday I wanted to brigthen the corner with a few accents of original or popular colors: red, a bit or green and silver.

roflbot 5

I achieved the look with the Turquoise candles, decorative pines, plastic and au naturel, decorative stones, silver mirrored Christmas balls, decor tiny baskets and the photos that stand in a metre high shelf.

The crystal frames symbolising Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus are super cute sitting on the lights that make them glow much more.

The little baskets symoblised the gifts that were carried by the three wise men when they saw the star.

roflbot 13

The lights flickering in the dark gave a beautiful glow.

Note to self: Find a solution to hide the long cables that run from the socket next year.

Thanks to Roflbot app that I used to add text. What a brillaint idea.

Let me know how you decorated your place. Upload pictures.

roflbot 22

Budget tip: Hang some photos if you have blank walls, DIY beads, little unique stones that can be collected on way home, at the beach to fill up the glass vases before placing the candles. In the long glass I added a long glass beaded necklace that I nolonger wore to add height to the candle to balance out length of the glass.

In the photo shelf I added the pines and silver mirrored balls, I did not mind the shelves being a bit full because I know I will remove the extra accents after the holidays and the caricature animals can regain their space.

Happy holidays.  Spread forth light

Live your dreams.

Stay blessed.

Love Fi, FBN

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