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February 2014

Sales! Solden! Reduced prices! Kortings!

What does it mean to have a sale season?

Are we to buy the things that we have wanted for so long but were too expensive? Can we use the reduced price fractions to splurge on ourselves for that goal we finally achieved? Or is it also a time to buy that item that just captures our eyes whether it is in sale or not? Or should we now deep our hands in the savings and grab the opportunity to get items we have longed for before several more months pass by before another sale comes by?

Either way sales or not shops are open almost daily and there will be buyers and sellers. When we make purchases, I would wish that many were not impulse buys but how can that not be so with so many beautiful things calling unto us through the shiny windows.

Tonight, as I lay my head to sleep I will think about a choice to make, to buy or not to? Not too late because time waits for not many …

Time plan at the car wash

Seeing the cycles a car goes through before it comes out shiny at the car wash bay. I learned an interesting lesson that a person goes through the similar cycles occassionally to obtain a far fetched dream; or a long awaited goal.

The car wash steps can also apply to an education; as soon as one enters a car wash one can choose to pay with cash, a card or tokens and for the duration of time spent as well the services one wants for that period paid for.

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