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Staying cozy in a Winter Red coat!

Happy December!

I always love a pop of colour, more especially in the cold months because it simply brightens my mood or day. Red is one of my favourite colours of all time. Powerful, inviting yet cautious is how I would describe it.

This year I was pleasantly excited when I found this wool winter red coat at a give away price.

It gives me a spring in my walk – literally because it is not only cosy and warm but the length is absolutely an added advantage during the cold windy months.

I did find some other photos on Pinterest on how one can dress it up elegantly…

Or dress the winter red coat down in a casual fun way yet keeping it stylish and classy.

Stay elegant on your own budget


Fiona, FBN


Authenticity & Podcast advice: I got your back and You got my back

Sometimes music is not enough on a random trip. That is why Podcasts are winning .. I guess. One can get a whole education on multiple series. Today was for light information that would not drown the journey with overthinking. That is why recently on a short trip I randomly listened to a podcast. 
The Podcast was by Sara Bond called Beautiful Brave. 

There after I saw this image then I was sold. It was like that “ah moment” where the message then makes sense. 

Travel Podcast 💿📖🖋nuggets of wisdom from Sarah Bond:

To paraphrase these are the few highlights I learnt.

Life is not only about people who act true in your face but remain true behind your back. 

Because the best friends have each others’ back even in one’s absence and don’t tear other people down! 

The quality of our central relationships deeply impacts our souls! That is why it is important to be authentic to self first and then others & feel safe with people you share your life with. 🙌🏿🙌🏿🤔🤛🏿👌🏿💪🏿 #authentic #authenticfriendship #growth #word #bethefriendyouwanttohave don’t be #onesidedrelationship

Stay blessed and tell the ones you love that you hold them dear.


Sister love: lessons from Serena and Venus Williams

Book recommendation Serena Williams My life; because I honestly felt like she was in the same room as me reading to me loudly. 

Alright, I love her but this right here is a good inspirational book. It reminded me to celebrate the most awesome people that push me on each day. Thank you immensely. #noIGfamily (will send it as Email to them) this book made me miss my #noIGsisterPraise cos only a shared look between us is enough to understand each other; #trueloyalfriends 

The sisterly love she shares with Serena is incredible it can be felt across  the TV screen, the magazines just by looking at them. I am glad I have such a love with my sweetest sister Praise.

 I hope I can always be there for you as you are for me. Love you so much.

Just finished reading this great book and some lessons I picked that I would like to share.

My life: Queen of the Court by Serena Williams.

A memoir about her and sister Venus Williams. Champions in every sense of the word. 

This book was timely for me because irrespective of our backgrounds good or challenging each and everyone of us has the potential to overcome the odds. 

Blessed you are or lucky you are if your family, friends, schools, mentors support you and lead you to a good path or help you to stay on it. That you can in turn reciprocate the love and lessons to others. I hope that we can all try and be a solid foundation for each other. There are silent heroes who provide a silent nod, a handshake, a hug, do background work that is vital to our wellbeing. Render support, be a role model to each other coz the stone that was ignored did become the chief corner.

I liked the nuance that every ball bounces differently and this can be applied to our own lives. So what if we are different? What about core values? Victory awaits all of us. At one point Venus had to serve 200 times a day to perfect her serve. Healthy competition is ok. We do not have to put down someone or dim their light for us to shine. Stay humble and not dwell on the mistakes even when we disappoint ourselves or when we are let down by others. We are all a work in progress. Success is different and not a straight line. If we put God first all will work out. 

Wish you all and myself an abundance of courage and will to go forth and realise our dreams. 

Wish her the best in her upcoming marriage. 

In her last words Focus Focus Focus. Be confident. Hold Serve. Move up. Attack. Kill. Smile. Because our perspective continues to shift. 

Venus’ words: you have to believe in yourself when no one else does, that is what makes a winner.

Congratulations on all your wins/ titles. Thank you. 

Credit of photos to rightful owners from the Internet.

Love Fi, FBN

Inspiration gift ideas for the Queens in our lives

Today we will get a glimpse into the few gift ideas that the magnificent ladies in our lives will appreciate. 

There are so many ideas as there are many personalities of the different species. 

For the woman who loves color and a few delicate accessories the above items might be of interest. A bright colourful scarf or a Pom Pom for that handbag that needs a revamp. A beautiful handbag will uplift any outfit whether going for a girls night out or any evening event. 

We all love a good nights’ sleep and what better way to get your full rest in a beautiful nightwear. 

Choices can vary from cozy pajama sets to that sexy little nightie or chemise. 

There are many gift ideas and the list can never be conclusive till you have that talk with your queen and know what she loves. Know her hobbys and get inspired.

Lastly a Queen deserves her crown.  

Share your gift ideas or the gifts that you loved and truly treasure. 


Inspiration gift ideas for the kings in our lives

The holidays are gone and we are trying to catch a breath of fresh air to internalise all that transpired over the Christmas and New Year season. 

Yet before the memories are internalised suddenly there are already adverts for Saint Valentine’s Day. 

There is no catching a breather in these commercialised years we are living in. 

We can avoid being entangled in the never ending commercial holidays and special ideas if we got inspired and maybe did a Do-It-Yourself. Or looked around for much cheaper goods without emptying our bank accounts.

As a budgetnista I always try to get inspired by all things around me before I zero in on that particular one gift I love. After all it is the thought that counts, or so we are made to believe!

So today is dedicated to the kings in our lives from the brother, father, friend, spouse, all the nice gentlemen we would like to honour. 

Know the type of person you are shopping for. Is the King in mention a traveller, a writer, a sportsperson or a lover of lerarning languages etc. 

Once you  get to know who they are, it will be easy to pick a gift that will make them sweep you off your feet. Or make their eyes pop. Above all cherish the gift and the memories. So make it count. 

Get inspired and shop your own budget.

Photo credit: All pictures taken from the internet.


Men’s fashion

Curiosity they say killed the cat. Today I was browsing around and saw the latest men’s fashion from Milan Fashion week 2017.

These high waisted or is high chested pants got me thinking. How far can we push the envelope in facet of life? 

Is the fashion a haute couture also for men or are they experimenting on new suit ventures? 

See the tie sometimes can be blown by the wind or sometimes it is hard to figure it out how to tie a tie, a nursery rhyme was created because of the intricacies of tying a tie.

This designer has decided to make it easy and the tie is tucked into the high waist trousers. 

On the other hand all jokes aside I found the men’s fashion really intriguing and exciting. It is full of clean sharp lines; high coats; vests; shiny shoes or causual look that still stands out when it is well thought out. 

Men’s fashion has evolved from simplicity yet keeping the daily gentleman also involved in the daily style. One could add some buzz to his outfit with a simple bow or ankle length trousers or adding a light winter jacket inside a costume/ suit. 

Flamboyant colours have not been left to the females but have been embraced by all. 

I look forward to the Men’s fashion week in February. 


Soaking the aches away in a Jacuzzi

Oh how I love the feeling of anything that promotes relaxation; better sleep and certainly glowing good skin. 

Not many things would have such a combination. Except a bubbling soak in a jacuzzi.

On this day when my friend invited me for the R &R. I quickly packed my travel bag and off I went. [Sorry had to put sticker on the face because I did not ask her for permission to use our photo on public blog.] Thank you dear friend for the gesture. Loved it and look forward to many more adventures. 

Back to the R&R weekend, it was a wonderful distraction that I needed for my aching muscles, tenses up joints, stiff back and simply to clear my head. 

So it all began with the warm bathe then quickly jumped into the jacuzzi which had hot water bubbling and my back leaning on the massage balls that increased the intensity down the spine and to the legs back to the buttocks then the thighs then back to rolling against the stiffness and sore muscles that were aching.

After a good amount of time in the hot jacuzzi I had so many benefits that I got from it.

A glass of wine during the bubble soak is a wonderful idea accompanied with good conversation. Nothing will feel more luxurious.

Not only did it soothe my muscles but I was completely relaxed and ready for a good nights sleep. 

If you are having a stressful day, or just want to improve your blood circulation or just to get that steam on your skin the jacuzzi is the answer. 

Go ahead and have enjoy the company as you help your body beat the daily stress of our busy lives. 

Hair inspiration 

A beautiful crown always makes an outfit. 

It can certainly uplift that casual look to chic in minutes once that beautiful hair crown is sitting upright on a balanced pair of shoulders. 

Today it is easy to achieve most hair styles with the addition of hair extensions, hair color, pins and other accessories.

Certainly the options are as many as there are hair stylists.

Be inspired, all pictures gotten from the internet. Credit to rightful owners.



Golden globes

The grand meeting between different stakeholders with fashion lovers taking some seats on the front row. 

The dress worn by Olivia designed by Zuhair Muhad was among the best in my eyes. 

With the current political situation world over I think that vibrant-floral-printed-patterned-long dress that was revealing yet traditional in a nut shell showed the diversity of the people and how we can live together. 

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